A Star Falls is set in Atlanta Georgia. It is a first person sci-fi horror game that focuses on stealth, puzzle solving and melee style combat.


A meteor has fallen and the city is now in complete chaos. You play as Johnathan Albright, who has just woken from a coma in the hospital. John has no clue what has happened, only possessing the desperate need to find his daughter. Players will be tasked with guiding Jonathan through the horrifying city, surviving whatever that crosses his path, not knowing what lurks around the corner or if the people you meet are friend or foe. Hidden messages and files will offer clues fleshing out events that have unfolded around you, and background on the corpses littered around the city.


The game is in the currently nearing the end of the prototype phase of development. We already have most of the game mechanics ironed out, but still in need of testers to receive feedback.

A Star falls is being developed first on PC but depending on funding, either through Kickstarter or by way of a publisher, we would like to distribute the game digitally on other platforms. Our main focus right now is to develop a demo that will show off the majority of the game’s design before we begin the crowdfunding phase.

The Tech

oculus rift

We plan on supporting Oculus Rift on the first day of the games release. We have just finished a round of Oculus prototyping and received a lot of great feedback from the community.


Due to ease of use, power, and affordability we settled on the Unreal Engine 4. With its use of next gen lighting (i.e. physical shaders) and its full integration of blueprinting systems to make turnaround quick and efficient. The engine is fairly easy to learn and we hope master. We are excited to see where the Unreal engine will go, and what amazing things people can create, as it is now free for everyone to use.

The Company

The company was started back on May 1st of 2014. From the beginning our mission was to make the most of design and functionality, to give players of our games the best experience possible. We also feel that transparency is an important part of our game development process. We love the work that we do and we encourage our employees to show off their work online. We also enjoy sharing knowledge online and seeking new information that can aid in our game development on forums.


The Team

Currently Pandagon Studios features a staff of seven people working on our first project. We are always looking for more talent. If interested please visit the jobs page to see the open positions and to apply.


3D artwork

The Music

How everyone can keep updated with the game

Help Us Fund our project

By sending us donations you greatly support the team by making sure everyone has the hardware and software that we need in order to produce the best quality game possible. Donations of $30 or more will receive a free copy of the game when its released.